• Adams Diagnostic Imaging (ADI)

    Adams Diagnostic Imaging is an ACR Certified Imaging Center, located in Gettysburg, PA, focused on providing quality services at affordable prices for insured and self-pay patients.

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  • Patient Focused Services

    Adams Diagnostic Imaging Provides Comprehensive Services to Include MRIs, PETs, Stand-Alone CT Scans, and X-Rays.

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  • Expert Physicians & Medical Staff

    Under Dr. Shafique’s Leadership, ADI’s Expert Medical Staff Works to Meet the Needs of Its Patients

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Adams Diagnostic Imaging (ADI)

Adams Diagnostic Imaging is an ACR Certified Imaging Center bringing cutting-edge radiology programs to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the convenience of patients.


ADI is an accredited facility focused on providing comprehensive diagnostic services.

Patient Portal

ADI is able to provide its patients with access to information related to diagnostic tests and results.

The Adam’s Diagnostic Pricing Difference

ADI provides itself on not only high-quality services but affordable pricing.

Physician Portal

ADI offers an easily accessible, online portal to support its physicians.

Professional Staff

ADI focuses on delivering the highest quality of diagnostic services to its patients in a friendly environment. ADI’s experienced and accredited team is dedicated to effectively supporting your diagnostic needs.

ADI Services

Our comprehensive imaging center blends world class expertise, continuity of care, and cutting edge technology.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that produces very clear pictures, or images, of the human body without the use of x-rays.



PET represents the very latest innovation in nuclear medicine, merging cutting-edge medical science with comprehensive computer technology.


Stand Alone CTs

Also called a CAT scan, this diagnostic tool gives doctors internal images far superior to x-rays.


This is still the best diagnostic tool for visualizing broken bones and other defects to internal structures.

For Patients

ADI’s highly trained technologists, certified through the ARRT, are 100% focused on patients. We provide services to insured and self-pay patients. Click here to see how our services compare to others in the community.