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How Broken Bones Heal

How Broken Bones Heal From accidents to sports to diseases that can weaken bones, fractures can happen in many ways and many places. While bones are naturally strong, impact can cause them to break or bleed when we push their limits — and sometimes, certain health conditions can cause bones to be more fragile than usual and […]

Risks From Radiation Treatment

Risks From Radiation Treatment When it comes to radiation imaging and radiation treatment, there has been rising concern over possible risks, leading some patients to neglect to participate in scans and treatments that could lead to the overall improvement of their health. If you’re worried about the risks of radiotherapy and radiology scans, this information […]

Contrast Materials

Contrast Materials When you’re recommended for a diagnostic imaging scan like an X-ray, MRI, ultrasound or CT scan, you might not know exactly what it entails, how to prepare or what agents it involves. To feel more comfortable moving forward with your procedure, you want to do a little research. An X-ray scan employs high electromagnetic […]