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The Differences Between a CT Scan and PET Scan

CT scans and PET scans are both procedures used to create images of the body’s tissues, organs, and bones. However, since they have different uses, these two procedures are quite different. Your physician will prescribe the scan that addresses your needs effectively, but if you’re curious about what they are and how they work, this […]

Benefits of Cancer Support Groups

Cancer support groups exist both for people living with cancer and for those providing care and support for loved ones coping with the disease. Support groups for cancer patients offer many benefits, most notably providing a safe place to share ideas on how to cope with difficult issues. Most groups meet frequently in-person, online or […]

5 Most Important Things To Ask Before An Imaging Exam

Imaging tests offer non-invasive options for examining the inside of your body, making them useful for both patient and doctor. You can get the most out of one of these procedures by asking your physician the right questions. If your primary care provider recommends a test, make sure to ask the below questions prior to […]

The Full Process Of An MRI Scan

Prior to receiving diagnostic imaging, gaining an understanding of what to expect from an MRI scan can be calming. This non-invasive technique lets medical professionals examine the inside of your body. Knowing what happens before, during and after an MRI can make the process more comfortable since you are more familiar with the procedure. How […]