5 Most Important Things To Ask Before An Imaging Exam

5 Most Important Things To Ask Before An Imaging Exam

Imaging tests offer non-invasive options for examining the inside of your body, making them useful for both patient and doctor. You can get the most out of one of these procedures by asking your physician the right questions.

If your primary care provider recommends a test, make sure to ask the below questions prior to your imaging exam.

Will My Insurance Cover the Examination?

Insurance plans have different policies regarding the coverage of diagnostic scans. When, where and why you receive your examination can all impact whether your insurance company will cover it. Before you schedule an appointment for your exam, contact your insurance and the radiology center. They can tell you about your coverage options and how much you would need to pay in co-pays.

What Will I Need to Do to Prepare for the Exam?

Most imaging examinations involve some form of preparation before the procedure. For example, some tests require a contrast solution that goes into your body through a drink or injection. Before an X-ray or MRI scan, your radiologist will ask you to remove any metal or electronic items from your body. You may need to fast before your procedure, or you might not need to prepare at all before your appointment.

How Will My Existing Health Conditions Affect My Experience?

Some medical conditions require your radiologist to adjust their examination methods. The doctor that recommends your scan might know about conditions that the radiology team will be made aware of. You can also contact your radiologist’s office to see if they need to know about specific parts of your medical history. If you had imaging scans in the past, remember to mention them as well.

What Will We Do If We Get Specific Results?

Your doctor may recommend diagnostic imaging as a way to inform your treatment. They could have a plan to follow if you receive certain results during your test. If you and your doctor have difficulty diagnosing a symptom, they may use the scan as a starting point for other tests. You can always ask your physician what to expect when you receive the diagnosis.

Do I Have Other Imaging Test Options?

Radiologists have a wide range of testing methods that they can use to diagnose medical issues. If your doctor recommends a specific test, you may have alternate options. When you ask about your other choices, your doctor can explain why they suggest the first choice and listen to your needs.

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