MRI Types: Brain

Head MRIs are a painless, noninvasive method of obtaining images of the brain and brain stem, helping doctors visualize the anatomy of the head with ease.

Capabilities of Brain MRIs

Brain MRIs at our Gettysburg location are commonly used to detect a variety of brain conditions, such as:

  • Brain conditions like aneurysms, strokes, tumors and hemorrhages
  • Brain cavity problems such as swelling or hydrocephalus
  • Brain and spinal injuries

Your doctor may order a head MRI to investigate symptoms like dizziness, weakness, seizures, cognitive changes, visual issues or headaches. They will tell you their reasoning before the MRI takes place.

How to Prepare for a Brain MRI

Before you go to your appointment, take the following steps to avoid any issues during your brain MRI:

  • Notify your doctor if you have any metallic objects in your body, especially ones in your head, like cochlear implants or surgical plates. Your doctor may need to recommend an alternative procedure.
  • Notify your physician if you have claustrophobia. They can help you relax during the procedure with drugs or sedation, or they may recommend an alternative procedure.
  • Before the test, remove any metal objects from your body, such as jewelry, body piercings or clothing with metal inserts. Avoid bringing these objects to your appointment at all, if possible.

Brain MRIs typically take 30 to 60 minutes. Once you’re finished, you can usually go home and resume normal activities. Your doctor should receive your results within 24 hours of your test.

Additional Back or Body MRI Requirements

Depending on the nature of your MRI body scan, additional things may be required for the MRI procedure:

  • Some brain MRI scans may require an injection of contrast material called gadolinium to improve imaging.

Always check with your doctor to be sure you understand the requirements of the procedure before the date of your appointment.

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